CTI company

A world in which everyone’s safety is guaranteed, and corporate brand value is protected, is what S2W strives to create. We endeavor to solve the numerous potential problems in a data-driven hyper-connected society through technology.​

S2W addresses cyber threats based on data intelligence. We propose customized services and solutions by using S2W’s AI-powered cyber threat intelligence.


Why we are here

Solve the problems with technology for good.

S2W empowers international institutions and global enterprises to effectively address security.


Collect data from a wide range of sources.

Internet, DDW, SNS, Documents, Images, etc.

Analyze data and extract meaningful information.

Identifier, Analysis unit, Data relation, etc.

Identify and analyze the relationship between data.

Risk level analysis, Abnormal element analysis, Pattern/connection analysis, etc.

Derive the most appropriate intelligence with the extracted information.

Customer tailored data monitoring, Linkage, Threat detection and warning alert, etc.



Connect with us.

With outstanding monitoring coverage and analytics, S2W solutions provide extensive external threat monitoring coverage and relationship analysis based accurate threat detection and source identification.

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