S2W’s solutions backed by DarkBERT:

Quaxar, Xarvis



Dark Web Monitoring

S2W provides deep dark web monitoring services based on AI technology.

In the deep dark web, there are specialized black markets, forums related to leaked information and hacking tools, as well as sites that deal with antisocial services and content. They operate covertly and systematically, taking advantage of anonymity to evade tracking in the event of a cyber incident. S2W’s deep/dark web monitoring services offer the following features to address these threats:

[Quaxar] for enterprises:

  • Immediate detection and notification of leaks related to clients within the dark web/deep web.
  • Provision of information on emerging threats in the same industry within the dark web/deep web.
  • Provision of analysis and information on attackers and hacking tools that pose a threat to client companies within the dark web/deep web.

[Xarvis] for institutions:

  • Comprehensive visibility into the deep/dark web:
  • Secure and convenient searching of volatile content, sites, and more.
  • Various identifier searches and cross-analysis capabilities.
  • User-specific analysis of major hidden forums.
  • Custom site information collection based on client requests.


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Data Breach Detection

Monitoring data and account breaches helps prevent security incidents and enables quick response in the event of an incident.

In particular, breaches caused by malware have been increasing rapidly. If employee or customer account breaches are not detected and left unaddressed early on, the damage can spread through secondary hacking techniques like credential stuffing.

S2W has exceptional monitoring coverage and can detect account breaches in the cyber threat landscape, and it possesses high intelligence on the latest malware. Based on this, the following services are provided.

S2W has exceptional monitoring coverage and can detect account breaches in the cyber threat landscape, and it possesses high intelligence on the latest malware. Based on this, the following services are provided.

  • Account information breach detection
  • Internal data leakage detection within the organization
  • Detection of financial information leakage, such as card data and bank account information
  • Alert service for leaked critical assets based on specific keywords


Cyber Threat Intelligence

CTI (Cyber Threat Intelligence) refers to intelligence on external threats that may not be easily detected by internal security systems.

It aims to protect customers from various external threats, such as information leakage of corporate assets. CTI has become an essential security component as it provides insights into cyber threats relevant to organizational assets and operations through data collection and analysis. With S2W’s data collection technology, monitoring/detection capabilities, and overwhelming deep/dark web data collection capabilities, S2W offers the following services as part of its CTI offering:

  • Detection and takedown of brand abuse sites/apps
  • Monitoring of major ransomware threats
  • Provision of up-to-date vulnerability/indicators of compromise (IoC)/detection rules
  • Provision of intelligence on threat groups and malicious codes
  • Monitoring and detection of account compromises
  • Telegram monitoring

S2W brings together experienced and skilled analysts who swiftly respond to various threats faced by organizations. They derive and provide actionable CTI intelligence that can be applied promptly.

Attack Surface Management

With the rapid advancement of technology and the widespread adoption of cloud computing, the surface area of cybersecurity that organizations need to perceive and manage is expanding rapidly.

However, attempting to address the swift detection and response to exposed assets solely through limited manpower is impractical.

S2W offers a proactive cybersecurity defense system by automatically identifying externally exposed asset information and providing correlated threat intelligence. Our services include:

  • Detection of externally exposed assets based on IP, domain, and certification.
  • Vulnerability information related to exposed assets.
  • Threat intelligence associated with exposed assets.
  • Proof-of-Concept (POC) codes for high-risk vulnerabilities.
  • Information linked to the deep/dark web and other high-level threats.

S2W’s Advanced Security Monitoring (ASM), offered by our specialized Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) company, goes beyond simply displaying IP scanning results and associated vulnerability information.


Provided valuable Darkweb analysis data in the operation of Gandcrab & Revil Sodinokibi. In operation Quicksand, analysis information related to malicious code and information related to attack groups were provided.



We were notified of a phishing app impersonating our brand on an unofficial app store that we’ve never even heard of. We were able to protect our brand by taking necessary measures.


S2W provides accurate and prompt information among the vast amount of threat intelligence data. They also provide keen and rapid analysis through dedicated analysts.



The accuracy of the information provided by S2W regarding credential leakage was substantially higher at 75~100%. Detection scale and accuracy of their monitoring system is much broader and accurate in terms of finding necessary information.



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